Excursions around Verbania

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One Day Excursion around Verbania

Together with Pallanza was described as “a garden on the lake”. For those coming from the lake shows high dome and the slender tower of the basilica of San Vittore, inside has a fine old town with fine buildings, the pedestrian link with cafes, restaurants and shops, is the Verbania heart landscape.

Very nice is also the mountain behind the town, where every country is a natural balcony on the lakeside scenery. The “old pier “- characteristic of late nineteenth century architecture – reflects the passion that this city has always had for navigation.

Verbania is one of the most important ports in the lake since, including a ferry service for the transport vehicles, linking the Piedmont side with that of Lombardy. Being closely linked to the art of gardening, is based in flowering time, a number of events dedicated to camellias, azaleas, orchids and tulips; it all ends with a flower competition the “Corso Fiorito” with its grand parade in bloom.

Isole Borromee

Isole Borromee

Small and semi-deserted, this archipelago of Lake Maggiore has an enormous artistic and botanical value, thanks to its gardens and picturesque buildings.

Immersed in the marvelous and suggestive waters of Lake Maggiore, the Borromean Islands are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Loved by Ernest Hemingway and, in more recent times, by the English Royals, this Archipelago is made up of the monumental Isola Bella, with its 17th-Century Palazzo Borromeo, surrounded by scenographic gardens, the picturesque Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island), Isola Madre, noted for its botanical garden, rich in rare plants, the little Island of San Giovanni that faces Pallanza


Park of Villa Pallavicino

Parco pallavicino

Park of Villa Pallavicino

An unforgettable day in one of the most charming places of Lago Maggiore.
The Park of Villa Pallavicino is located n Stresa. The park covers approximately an area of 20 hectares of flowery ways, old trees and a beautiful botanical garden.
The main attraction of the Park is formed by our animals.
You can observe more than 40 species of exotic mammals and birds (llamas, kangaroos, zebras, and flamingos), living in natural spaces.
In addition, to make your day even more complete, inside the Park you will find the restaurant “Le Scuderie”, the “Chalet Bar”, the shop “Parcobello” and several areas used for picnics. Younger guests can have fun in a well-equipped playground.


Rocca di Angera

Rocca d’Angera

The Rocca d’Angera proudly stands on a spur of rock that dominates the southern shores of Lago Maggiore. Located in a strategic position to monitor the trade routes, it was house of the Visconti family from Verbano. During 1449 the Borromeo family acquired it. Inside the Rocca a delightful itinerary will make you discover the great historical halls, recently enriched with the addition of the Sala delle Maioliche, an extraordinary collection counting 300 pieces.


Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio

The ancient village of Orta San Giulio rises at the end of a promontory that extends from the east towards the waters of Lake Orta: a strategic point and today one of the ideal stages from which to admire the small body of water. A few hundred meters from Piazza Motta, the heart of the village, right on the tip of the promontory, you can see the island of San Giulio not far away.